Centro de Iniciativas y Turismo Insular de La Palma

Initiatives Tourist Center of La Palma is composed of individuals or companies advocates of tourism on the island of La Palma, upon request and are admitted, nonprofit. 

The objectives

The essential purposes of this Center are:

1.To plan and coordinate all kinds of activities and projects promoting tourism.

  2. To collaborate with the tourist organizations of the Island of La Palma, Council, Town Halls, and Patronage of Tourism for the most solidary development of the tourism in the whole Island of  La Palma. 

   3. To promote the study, knowledge, spreading, education and implementation of the entire process technical, economic, social, cultural, ecological, formation, etc. that contributes to the harmonious development of tourism.

    4. To represent and defend the interests of the associates as it is necessary for his most complete achievement, before all the power and instances.   

    5. Establish and provide the services of common concern that are required by the partners.

    6. To convene and hold meetings, congresses, conferences, workshops, etc., for the study and research of the tourism problems and for the progress of the techniques and methods of training and promotion.

    7. To create, promote or join any movement, activity, entity that promotes, encourages or creates social empowerment, promotional or for tourism formation or infrastructure base in the hospitality industry.

    8. Manage, propose and carry out any other activities that might contribute to the promotion of tourism in La Palma. 


As member of CEOE / CEPYME La Palma

Constant INFORMATION SERVICE that covers the commercial and business news, summons, agreements of collaboration, current legislation, a free service of consultation for the partners, as well as a special treatment and differentiated in all kinds of management that the affiliated companies need from this consultancy.

ADVISORY AND PROCESSING OF SUBSIDIES. C.I.T. La Palma through CEPYME La Palma offers free advice to its partners and process of subsidies. In addition, offers services on advantageous terms: economic feasibility study, opinion poll, strategic planning and management advice, selection and training of staff and advice on investment and business creation, among others


Cabinet Guidance and Professional Insertion (GOIP) under the Canary Employment Service through FUNCATRA (Canary Foundation for the promotion of employment), whose main function is to ensure the employability of people who are looking for jobs and try to improve the one that already have. On the other hand, provide qualified candidates for those jobs that have requested to us by the companies.

For that reason, we carry out personalized interviews to the applicants of employment (total confidentiality) with this we manages to classify and to select the candidates, both in their attitudes as their abilities.

We put together and obtain employment offers proceeding from the companies of the island of La Palmaacting as mediators between the company and the employment candidates in order that each one of them achieves their aims: find candidates for your company and a working place.


One of the priority objectives is to contribute to a recycling and a continuous development of the business community and of its  workers, with the idea of favoring not only the development of the person but also to be on the side of the own company.
In the days that we live is essential to be updated on new technologies and knowledge that are conducive to the development of our businesses, contributing to the growth of the wealth of our land and the development of the economy on the island.
For this reason, different types of courses depending on the situation or sector employer and its employees are organized. Some of these courses are window dressing, languages, internet, marketing and a great many of alternatives that meet the needs of their employer according to their demands.
Similarly there are two other ways of training, one through the Canary Employment Service (SCE), which contributes to occupational training towards the achieving of more qualified personnel for our companies and the other through the Continuing Professional Employee (FORCEM ) to get retraining of our workers.

The CEOE-Tenerife counts on with the Centre for Technical Assistance and Business Support in respect of Prevention of Labour Risks.
The basic task for this consultancy is to make the employers aware of the need to approach the preventive intervention and the necessary tasks for the fulfillment of the current legislation of prevention 

AGREEMENTS(Waiting for new agreements)

   Agreement between Cepyme La Palma – Telefónica fijos.
   Agreement between Cepyme La Palma – BBVA.
   Agreement between Cepyme La Palma – Telefónica Móviles.
   Agreement between CEPYME La Palma – Vodafone.
   Agreement of system advice and advanced communication between ASCAV- Cepyme La Palma.
   Agreement for the global advice to companies (fiscal, mercantile and countable) between MACG-management S.A. and Cepyme La Palma
   Agreements of collaboration for the accomplishment of Christmas Campaigns in different Commercial Areas with the Town halls and the Cabildo Insular
   Agreement between CEPYME La Palma - Excmo. Cabildo Insular de La Palma. Business creation
   Agreement between CEPYME La Palma - AENOR, to improve the quality of the companies

   Agreement between CEPYME La Palma - Young businessmen and CajaCanarias                                     




Centros de Iniciativas y Turismo Insular de La Palma, C/O`Daly 20, 1ºD 38700, S/C de La Palma, cit@cepyme-lapalma.com,, TEL.: 922 415 248, FAX: 922 416 264