Centro de Iniciativas y Turismo Insular de La Palma

It is my job to open this web page with an optimistic message for the future of tourism in La Palma. We have to believe and carry on betting on the things we have believed and devoted much time, as is the case of Tourism.

Nowadays we can say that many people have joined us and that we are not alone.

Recently, the Island Council has approved the Special Territorial Plan, a document that guarantees us our tourism development in a distinct manner, with a very attractive offer in the midlands, and offering sufficient critical mass of conventional type, at least four stars, that guarantee us the operations of tour operators.

La Palma, “La Isla Bonita”, as it is known and we feel very proud. If to these natural charms, we add a quality and active leisure time as are: the Visitor Center, to be able to show the universe to our visitors; Golf courses and marine sports, we could aspire to that kind of visitors that we all want.

Antonio Sosa Rodríguez

Chairman of the Centre for Initiatives and Tourism Island of La Palma




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