Centro de Iniciativas y Turismo Insular de La Palma
Restaurante y Apartamentos Chipi Chipi

Restaurant and Apartaments
Chipi Chipi


Restaurant with lounge, terrace and several individual private rooms, surrounded by a garden with great variety of flowers.

It offers the plates of La Palma's gastronomy. It has 7 apartments.

Address: Juan Mayor, 42
38700, S/C de La Palma, Velhoco
Isla de La Palma-Provincia S/C de Tenerife
Phone: 922 411 024
Fax: 922 416 655
E-mail: restaurante@chipichipi.es
Web Page:www.chipichipi.es

Tres Chimeneas

Tres Chimeneas


He has cosy dining room with chimney, bar, parking deprived and terrace with beautiful source and parterres with floresta, gardens and swimming pool. He offers a canary and international kitchen very taken care of with his specialities in meats, homemade fish and desserts. Good very well selected vinoteca, with broths of all the regions of the country, red, white and pink broths, of the year, raisings, Reserves and Great Reserves.

Address: Ctra Gral de La Cumbre, 29
Breña Alta 38710

Phone: 922 42 94 70
Fax: 922 42 94 70

CLOSED: Monday Afternoon, Tuesday
HORARIO: 13-16, 19-23



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